Voice Control: Broadlink RMPRO + Amazon Echo

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Iron Man style voice control of your house devices by using Amazon Echo link with Broadlink RM PRO. Cool!

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Iron Man style voice control of your house devices by using Amazon Echo link with Broadlink RM PRO. Cool!

For more demo video, please visit our youtube channelIOT AT HOME YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Attention!! This voice control package ONLY include Wireless Bridge. The rest of the items (Amazon Echo, Android Device and Broadlink RMPRO) need to purchase separately. 

We have combine all solutions together. Now one wireless bridge support Amazon Echo, Apple Siri and Google Home Voice Control. Thank you.

For buyer outside of Singapore & Malaysia, please purchase at below link:


Items needed for the above integration to work as shown below:

1) Amazon Echo / Echo Dot / Tap (A hand-free speaker you control with your voice. Purchase separately)

You can get the Amazon Echo from Amazon.com (LINK). For Amazon Echo Dot (currently out of stock), it is not open to public purchase at this moment. You need to use voice to order via Amazon Echo (with US delivery address, US payment method and Amazon Prime Membership). Each Amazon Prime Member ONLY can order maximum two Amazon Echo Dot. You can contact us via sms/email if you need help to order one.

2) Broadlink RMPRO (To control your house devices. Purchase separately)

You can purchase here (BROADLINK RMPRO LINK), setup to control your house devices (Eg: Lights, curtain, blind, windows, TV, Sound system, LED strips, stand light, Fan, cooker, kettle...etc) via RF / Infra-Red.

3) An android device (Eg: Android tv box. Purchase separately)


You need to install an app (Broadlink RM Tasker Plugin) from google play store (LINK) on your android device (USD 6.49. Purchase separately). It work as a bridge between Amazon Echo and Broadlink RMRPO. For your convenience, you can consider the android Biidi Tv Box that sell here (LINK). It was tested to work with the app.

4) A Wireless Bridge (9.7cm * 7cm)

It work as a bridge between Amazon Echo / Echo Dot and the above android device. 

How it works?

(Amazon Echo / Echo Dot) <----> (Wireless Bridge) --->(Android Device) ---->(Broadlink RMRPO)

Amazon Echo / Echo Dot discover devices being added on wireless bridge. Whenever Amazon Echo / Echo Dot is being triggered via voice to activate certain device, a http request is being fire from wireless bridge to Broadlink RM Tasker Plugin app on android device. Follow by Broadlink RM Tasker Plugin app communicate with Broadlink RMPRO accordingly via released android API library.

How to use? What this integration can do / achieve?

You can use wake word "Alexa" or "Amazon" to activate Amazon Echo / Echo Dot, follow by saying "Turn on xxxx" or "Turn off xxxx" to turn on/off your house devices. XXXX is the device name that you had setup/configured on wireless bridge. 

You also can trigger scene (a series of actions) by saying "Alexa, Turn on YYYY" / "Alexa, Turn off YYYY". YYYY is the scene name that you had setup / configured on wireless bridge.

(Example as shown in the above video)

Don't know how to setup / make it work?

If you are not a geek and also like to do this for your Broadlink RMPRO system, we also offer the pre-setup wireless bridge here:

Wireless Bridge (Support Amazon Echo, Apple Siri, Apple Home Kit Apps and Google Home)

This complete set come with a wireless bridge with power adapter and pre-loaded software to communicate with Amazon Echo and Broadlink RMPRO. This option is means for non geek users. We will provide a details setup guide (pdf format) and offline remote support via email or instant messenger (eg: Whatsapp, Skype, WeChat, QQ).

If you required on-site setup and coaching (Singapore Island Wide Only), separate professional service charges apply. Thank

"There is no limit for home automation,you are only bound by your own imagination."


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Voice Control: Broadlink RMPRO + Amazon Echo

Voice Control: Broadlink RMPRO + Amazon Echo

Iron Man style voice control of your house devices by using Amazon Echo link with Broadlink RM PRO. Cool!