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Relak Remote Control Touch Panel Switch

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Relax Remote Control Touch Panel Switch is the combination of beauty and intelligence, suitable to be used in almost any kind of home renovation theme for Smart Home Setup. The smart function creates a wireless connection between the switch and Broadlink RMPRO controller which enables you to control the switch from your mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

Relax Remote Control Touch Panel Switch is touch contact safe with no electric arc which means no more electric shocks from your switches. This is achieved through the use of crystal glass panel for the touch interface.

Relax Remote Control Touch Panel Switch can also be controlled via Remote Control, the remote control will be a great help for senior citizens with poor eye sight in the darkness or difficulties getting out of bed.

Lifespan of the Relax Remote Control Touch Panel Switch is approximately 1000,000 times of operation. Even if the switch is triggered 20 times a day, it will still be functioning well after 10 years of usage. Normally a light switch is only triggered around 6 to 10 times a day.

Features of Relak Remote Touch Panel Switch

  • Senior Citizen friendly

  • Smart function – Allows Smartphone control via Smart Home Hub

  • Easy to install and setup – No rewiring or hacking is required

  • Crystal glass touch panel – Touch contact safe with no electric arc

  • Back-light indicator – No more searching for switches in the darkness

  • Does not generate any irritating mechanical sound when triggered

  • Long lifespan – 1000,000 times of operation

  • Can also be controlled via Remote Control

  • The remote control distance up to 30 meters indoors, to meet different customer needs

  • With a gentle touch, it can easily control the light on and off

  • It come with both toggle on off and discrete on off feature. It means click on one remote control button, switch turn on. Click on another remote control button, switch turn off.

  • It come with "Thin" and "Thick" wireless two way copy switch. Both running and working on batteries. "Thin" version wireless copy switch can be placed at anywhere to control nearby light siwtch without need of hacking and rewiring (example: table top). "Thick" version wireless copy switch outlook is the same as as normal Relak Smart Switch which you need to fix inside the wall however it does not need re-wiring because it is running and working on 2*AAA batteries.

  • The outer shell is made of fireproof plastic material, effectively preventing switch ignition


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"Thin" version Wireless Two Way Copy Switch as shown below.

"Thick" version Wireless Two Way Copy Switch as shown below. Need to fix inside the wall.

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Relak Remote Control Touch Panel Switch

Relak Remote Control Touch Panel Switch

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